Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Car Insurance Carrollton TXGetting Your Car Ready For The Season Ahead

After the harsh winter we experienced here in the United States, it is no surprise that all of us are excited about the coming spring. Your vehicle is likely ready for the warmer temperatures, too, as the winter is especially hard on automobiles. To get your car ready for the warmer seasons ahead, here are a few car maintenance tips.

  • Tires: Your tires are your connection with the road. If they are not functioning as they should, you risk losing control of your vehicle. Your tire pressure will fluctuate as the temperature changes, so make sure that you check that you are at the proper psi even in the warmer temperatures. Also, rotate your tires so that they will wear evenly.
  • Windshield Wipers: With poor visibility, you cannot properly prepare for dangers on the road ahead. Your windshield wipers might have become cracked or broken over the harsh winter, so replace them this spring. Top off your wiper fluid, too.
  • Fluids: After winter, you may find that you are low on anti-freeze. This can cause radiator issues, so ensure you top off this crucial fluid. Also, make sure your car has the coolant it needs so you and your engine can be protected against the summer heat. Change your oil.
  • Battery: Pop the hood of your car and make sure that there is not any corrosion around your battery. You would not want to be stranded alongside a hot road because your battery dies.

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