Stay Safe By Keeping In Mind These Common Holiday Hazards

Common Holiday Insurance Claims

Holiday Hazards To Look Out For

The holiday season is a happy time of year, but it can also bring all sorts of hazards. Do not let these holiday hazards turn your smile into a frown this winter. Keep this informational guide in mind so that you can stay safe this holiday season.

Food and Cooking Hazards: Cooking is a major part of the holidays but your delicious dishes can go dreadfully wrong. Avoid holiday food hazards by:

  • Being careful around sweet treats like pies and pastries. Sugar and high temperatures can be a bad combination, especially if flames are involved.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended. Keep your eye on everything so that you can make sure it cooks properly as well as prevent any cooking disasters.
  • Make sure all of your food is cooked properly so that it does not affect your guests in a bad way.

Fire hazards: Cooking is only one of the holiday fire threats that many people experience. Here are some ways to avoid other fire hazards that could cause your plans to go up in flames.

  • Clean your chimney before lighting up your fireplace to avoid a chimney fire due to build up or debris.
  • Keep your space heaters on level surfaces with at least 3 feet of space on each side to avoid mishaps with flammable items.
  • Never leave a candle unattended or near flammable objects like curtains or paper items.
  • Make sure to water your Christmas tree often so that it does not dry out and become an even bigger fire hazard.

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