Earthquake Insurance 101

Earthquake Insurance Irving TXYour Guide To Earthquake Insurance

You have secured the homeowners insurance you need to protect your hearth and personal property against fires, theft, and other unforeseen unfortunate occurrences. Have you, however, considered getting the coverage you need for other disasters, such as earthquake insurance? If you have not, you may be surprised to learn that earthquake insurance is not included in most homeowners insurance policies, and needs to be secured as an additional rider or as a separate policy.

Earthquake insurance can give you and your family peace of mind knowing you will be able to rebuild from the ground up and replace all of your property should an earthquake wreak havoc on your home. Earthquake insurance policies are different from most policies in that rather than having a flat-rate deductible (e.g. $1,000) their deductibles are based off a percentage of the policy’s limit (e.g. 15 percent).

Secure your policy now because most insurance providers will not offer earthquake insurance for a time after an earthquake. You do not want to be left without coverage in the face of this natural disaster or scrambling for protection after one strikes. Your earthquake insurance may also cover landslides, mudslides, and the settlement, rising, and sinking of the earth. Do not be left in trouble if your home is affected by one of the 20,000 earthquakes or earthquake related disasters the United States experiences each year.

Your family deserves to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what nature brings your way, your quality of life will not be affected in the long term. Contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving for all of your Texas earthquake insurance and other insurance needs. We are here to ensure you have the comprehensive coverage you deserve at the most competitive price.