Importance Of Flood Insurance For Texas Homeowners

Flood Insurance 101

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If you are one of the many homeowners wondering why you need flood insurance, it is important to look at the hardships residents in Dallas have been experiencing in recent months. In past years, many Texan homeowners assumed that they did not need protection against floods, however, recent Texas flooding has proven otherwise.

There is an overwhelming number of homeowners who overlook the importance of flood insurance for one of two reasons. The main reason homeowners do not purchase flood insurance is because they do not realize their homeowners insurance coverage will not protect them against floods. Nearly all standard homeowners insurance policies have specific exclusions against flood damages. The second reason why many homeowners do not opt for flood insurance coverage is because they assume they are safe from these natural disasters.

With the recent Texas flooding causing damages in excess of $61 million, the importance of securing flood insurance protection cannot be stressed enough. Would you be able to repair or rebuild your home after a flood from the money that is currently in your bank account and emergency fund or would an accident like this cause financial hardship for you? If you would not be able to pay for repair costs out of pocket, it is important that you purchase a flood insurance policy before it is too late. Many homeowners do not realize that flood insurance policies most often come with a 30 day activation period, meaning you cannot just buy a policy when a storm’s arrival is noted in the weather forecast.

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