Halloween Fire Safety Tips for a Memorable Holiday

halloween grinHalloween is almost here! As your little tikes prepare to dress up as goblins, witches, princesses, and every costume possibility in between, it is important that parents do their job to make sure the holiday is safe and memorable for the right reasons. With all the fun and sweets associated with Halloween, far too many neglect vital preventative safety measures. Gathered are some Halloween fire safety tips for your convenience:

  • We are not suggesting that you pass up the long tradition of creating a Jack-o-Lantern, but rather, we are suggesting switching it up a bit to make it more safe. Rather than illuminating your pumpkin with a real candle, we suggest using battery-operated LED lights. This will ensure that no fire occurs if a Jack-o-Lantern falls onto your lawn and your Jack-o-Lantern will be just as impressive.
  • In decorating your house for the trick-or-treating extravaganza in just a couple days, it is important that you eliminate any fire hazards. While the dried cornstalks may make a great entryway, if you will be having candles nearby, this can prove to be extremely consequential. We suggest replacing any candles necessary for decorations with battery-operated LED lights or glow sticks.
  • Likewise, in decorating your home for the holiday, try to eliminate any hazards that may pose any dangers. This includes clearing your pathway so that trick-or-treaters do not have to maneuver around your decorations and pumpkins.
  • Most importantly, while you may be inclined to ignore suspicious activity, it is vital that you report any potential hazards and dangers to the authorities. The neighborhood kids may be angry with you for ruining their Halloween firework fun, but your roof will be thankful.

Happy Halloween from our team to your family! We hope these Halloween safety tips keep your holiday memorable for the right reasons. Contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving for all of your Texas insurance needs.