Washing Your Washer

Home Insurance Carrollton TXA Quick Guide To A Clean Washing Machine

You depend on your clothes washer to get your clothes clean, but what happens when the washing machine itself is not clean? Failing to clean your washing machine can mean that the residue that has built up due to dirt and detergent will begin to rub off on your clothes, odors will accumulate and start leeching onto your fabrics, and dirt or sand can collect which, if not addressed, can damage your washing machine. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to address those issues.

  • Sand/Dirt: If you notice that an abrasive substance stays in your machine cycle after cycle, the fix is easy. Simply take a wet rag and wipe up the dirt or sand that has accumulated in the washer tub. Just make sure you do not wait too long, as this buildup can harm your washer if it is not addressed.
  • Odors: If you notice a funny smell in your washing machine, you can treat it with hardly any elbow grease. Just run a full cycle with 1/3 cup of bleach and no clothes in the washer tub. This should be enough to sanitize the scent of your machine.
  • Residue: Your washing machine’s manufacturer likely has a cleaner developed specifically for cleaning your washer. Find out what it is, and follow the instructions on the packaging to cleanse your machine. More or less, the process usually comes down to running a full cycle with this cleaner.

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