5 of The Weirdest Insurance Policies Available

Here are some of the most unlikely (and weirdest) insurance coverages.

When people think of insurance policies, they think of home, car, or business coverage to protect them from likely circumstances that may drain their finances. Without having insurance, many are left vulnerable to the worst outcome that can happen.

While many cover the basics, others protect from the unlikely and downright strange. Though many may never need this insurance, they may be one’s left smug after such a bizarre event.

Take a peek below on just what insurance can cover:

Haunted House
Haunted house attractions started popping up in the U.S. in the 1980s, as parents sought out alternative spooks than trick-or-treating. Those who run a haunted house attraction must have the general liability coverage for third-party visitors. Reports claims for haunted houses include wrongful death when a teen with asthma suffered a horrible reaction from fog machines to a St. Louis haunted house!

Alien Abduction
For those that do believe in aliens and fear that one day they will suffer from an abduction, there are policies that can protect from this event. Believe it, or not!

Werewolf/Vampire/Zombie Attack
Lloyd’s of London has reported selling policies to protect customers from a zombie apocalypse, werewolf or vampire attack. Many think a zombie war is imminent but perhaps they’ve been watching too much of The Walking Dead.

Change of Heart
Skipping to a very real occurrence: a partner changing their mind last minute on their wedding day. Wedding insurance provides coverage for things that could go wrong leading up to or on the Big Day, including a runaway bride.

Body Parts
Celebrities are notorious for insuring their most unique and noticeable features. Bette Davis’ insured her waist, Bruce Springsteen insured his voice, Julia Roberts’ smile, and Taylor Swifts’ legs.

While you’re thinking that none of these insurances apply to any of your lifestyle situations, for all of your necessary, effective, and normal insurance services, contact Global Financial in Irving, Texas!