Down The Drain? Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

Don’t let water damage in your home drain your bank account.

A little water never hurt anyone, but a lot of water damage can create a lot of problems in your home. In fact, repairing water damage is averaged to cost over $10 per square foot – and that’s assuming you don’t have to worry about draining out remaining water or dealing with mold!

Fortunately, you can avoid the headache and the cost with these tips for preventing water damage in your home:

#1: Get Rid Of Gutter Gunk. We know it’s a hassle to get up and deal with the debris that’s built up in your gutters, but avoiding this task can send water exactly where you don’t want it. Clear out your gutters so you can rest easy during heavy rains.

#2: Snatch Up A Snake. A drain snake is not just a much greener solution to unclogging a drain than using a chemical solution, it’s also much easier on your pipes. After repeated use, the toxic chemicals used to clear out a clog can damage your pipes, causing leaks. Instead, pick up a relatively affordable drain snake at your hardware store.

#3: Put Thought Into Plant Positioning. If you’re planning to grow large plants or trees in your yard, make sure you plant them far away from any nearby pipes, septic tanks, or sprinkler systems. Otherwise, invasive roots could cause major flooding in the future.

If your home does experience water damage, would your homeowners insurance and other policies offer you the protection you need to reclaim firm financial footing on dry land? To make sure your coverage can protect you against the cost of water damage, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services. Serving Irving and surrounding cities in Texas, we’re here to make sure life’s what-ifs never drain your bank account.