Protect Yourself From Identity Theft During Your Black Friday Shopping Spree

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft During Your Black Friday Shopping SpreeBlack Friday is the height of holiday shopping, with all the great deals and specials that stores have for only one day! Do not let a data breach make your Black Friday shopping take a turn for the worst. Protect yourself and your information by keeping these simple tips in mind as you peruse the aisles and battle it out with other deal-crazed shoppers.

Keep your card in your wallet until absolutely necessary. When standing in line, it can be easier for you to have your card in your hand as you wait. This gives thieves a full view of your card number and they can take down all the information they need. Only have your card out when you need to hand it to the cashier or swipe it yourself. Put it away immediately after the transaction to ensure safety.

Be careful when entering your pin. You may feel that you are typing it in fast enough that no one can see what you type, but this may not be the case. To protect your pin, block the keypad from the view of other customers and the cashier with your hand or your body. If you are particularly worried about your pin information, the best way to protect it is to run your card as credit rather than debit.

Be cautious around ATMs. Many card thieves insert devices into the ATM’s card reader, which reads your card and sends the information to the thief. If you must stop at an ATM to get some extra cash in between stores, try to use an indoor machine because they are usually better protected. Cover any information you input, like your pin and other account info.

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