Protect your valuable and meaningful ring with adequate insurance.

During the festivities of the holiday season, many couples get engaged and celebrate their life-long commitment to each other! It’s known that engagement ring sales hike up during the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you said ‘yes’ over Christmas, at beach during the summer, or two years ago, you’ll want to ensure that the rock on your finger is protected!

When purchasing the ring and budgeting for the big day, many brides and grooms-to-be overlook wedding and engagement ring insurance. This can be a costly mistake to make! For most young couples, wedding and engagement rings are among the most valuable items they own. Insurance can protect you from facing huge expenses (and an awkward conversation with your fiancé!) should your ring get damaged or lost.

Determine Value

If you’ve recently spent an arm and a leg on a ring for your loved one for Christmas day, you should have the receipt still in hand or buried somewhere in a drawer! This receipt enables you and your insurer to note the value of your precious piece which, in turn, allows for sufficient coverage to be applied.

If you’ve had your engagement or wedding ring for a while now, get it appraised! Don’t go on what you or your fiancé purchased it for as precious metals and precious stones increase in worth over time.

Insurance Left at the Altar

Your homeowners policy may not cover jewelry replacement if it’s lost or stolen when away from home. It also may not cover small damages such as a stone coming lose from the setting. For an extra couple of bucks a month, increasing your personal items coverage is worth its weight in gold! You may be able to insure high-value items individually, as part of your homeowners’ insurance.

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to engagement ring insurance? Contact Global Financial & Insurance Services to get your precious ring protected! Whether you’re located in Irving or the surrounding areas of Texas, our dedicated insurance agents are here to find the best policy for you!

Engagement Insurance Irving TX

Say “Yes” To Engagement Ring Insurance

Here are some of the most unlikely (and weirdest) insurance coverages.

When people think of insurance policies, they think of home, car, or business coverage to protect them from likely circumstances that may drain their finances. Without having insurance, many are left vulnerable to the worst outcome that can happen.

While many cover the basics, others protect from the unlikely and downright strange. Though many may never need this insurance, they may be one’s left smug after such a bizarre event.

Take a peek below on just what insurance can cover:

Haunted House
Haunted house attractions started popping up in the U.S. in the 1980s, as parents sought out alternative spooks than trick-or-treating. Those who run a haunted house attraction must have the general liability coverage for third-party visitors. Reports claims for haunted houses include wrongful death when a teen with asthma suffered a horrible reaction from fog machines to a St. Louis haunted house!

Alien Abduction
For those that do believe in aliens and fear that one day they will suffer from an abduction, there are policies that can protect from this event. Believe it, or not!

Werewolf/Vampire/Zombie Attack
Lloyd’s of London has reported selling policies to protect customers from a zombie apocalypse, werewolf or vampire attack. Many think a zombie war is imminent but perhaps they’ve been watching too much of The Walking Dead.

Change of Heart
Skipping to a very real occurrence: a partner changing their mind last minute on their wedding day. Wedding insurance provides coverage for things that could go wrong leading up to or on the Big Day, including a runaway bride.

Body Parts
Celebrities are notorious for insuring their most unique and noticeable features. Bette Davis’ insured her waist, Bruce Springsteen insured his voice, Julia Roberts’ smile, and Taylor Swifts’ legs.

While you’re thinking that none of these insurances apply to any of your lifestyle situations, for all of your necessary, effective, and normal insurance services, contact Global Financial in Irving, Texas!

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5 of The Weirdest Insurance Policies Available

Before the snow and ice hit, get prepared for incidents!

Should you face any snow or ice during your travels in Rochester, New York, you’ll be thankful that you prepped your car’s emergency kit beforehand! After all, no one enjoys being stranded on the side of the road in the snow with a broken down car and no means of warmth!

Wherever you drive, this kit should be with you! Pack your emergency kit before the cold snap hits!

  • Plenty of drinking water
  • Canned foods (and a can opener)
  • Water (plenty of it)
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Emergency radio (solar or battery powered)
  • Fleece blankets
  • Small shovel
  • Maps
  • First-Aid kit
  • Medications and any prescription medicine
  • Whistle
  • Petty cash
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Energy bars
  • Cards or books when needed for passing the time!

This stock will aid your survival, should an incident come to that! Always replenish your kit before a long journey or traveling in adverse weather condition! Contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving, Texas for all of your auto insurance needs that will see you through the winter and beyond!

Emergency Kit for Your Car

Stock Your Car with Winter Emergency Essentials!

Get into the festive spirit this year by visiting the magical event!

On Saturday, December 5th, bring the whole family down to City Hall on 825 W. Irving Blvd, Irving, TX to celebrate the holiday season with the City of Irving! The Holiday Extravaganza is a two-part event, featuring a community parade through the Heritage District followed by a tree lighting ceremony outside of Irving City Hall. This annual celebration is a tradition for many Irving families!

Beginning at 4 p.m., the parade will wind through the streets of Downtown Irving, featuring floats, bands, and community organizations. The theme of the 2015 parade will be: The 12 Days of Christmas! Participation in the parade is free! Submit your parade entry online here!

Immediately following the parade, head to the Irving City Hall for the official lighting of the City of Irving’s tree! The festivities include a holiday stage show with dance, music, and a special appearance by Santa Claus. Enjoy carols, food vendors, and complimentary hot chocolate as we count down to the lighting of the tree and a fireworks display!

From all of us at Global Financial & Insurance Services, we hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Contact us before the winter season to secure your insurance needs in Irving, Texas!

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Don’t Miss the Holiday Extravaganza!

Here’s what you should do after you get a speeding ticket.

While you might pride yourself on your safe driving, we’ve all had those days where we’re running late, feeling frazzled, and put the pedal to the metal (or maybe just pressed it a little harder) to get to our destination on time. Unfortunately, those are all too often the days when a police officer is waiting on your street.

If you do find yourself facing a speeding ticket, you have these three options of what to do:

Pay up.

By paying the ticket’s associated fine, you admit guilt in the incident. As a result, you can expect to see points added to your Motor Vehicle Report. When it comes time to renew your auto insurance, your insurer will see them too. They could charge you higher premiums, though you might be forgiven if it’s a first time offense.

Hit the books.

Traffic school may not be the most fun thing you’ll ever do, but it can help you erase your ticket altogether if you have a generally good driving record. In some states, traffic school will allow you to both remove the ticket from your record and the points from your license.

Defend yourself.

Traffic court will cost you. It generally requires that you get time off work and pay for legal counsel. However, if you know that you can prove your innocence, you could clear your record without having to sit through traffic school or pay a fine.

If you do get a traffic ticket, having auto insurance with incident forgiveness can help you keep your rates low. To learn more about how you can work this kind of grace into your Texas policy to protect yourself and your wallet, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving today!

What To Do After Getting a Speeding Ticket

Got A Speeding Ticket? Here’s What To Do

Don’t let water damage in your home drain your bank account.

A little water never hurt anyone, but a lot of water damage can create a lot of problems in your home. In fact, repairing water damage is averaged to cost over $10 per square foot – and that’s assuming you don’t have to worry about draining out remaining water or dealing with mold!

Fortunately, you can avoid the headache and the cost with these tips for preventing water damage in your home:

#1: Get Rid Of Gutter Gunk. We know it’s a hassle to get up and deal with the debris that’s built up in your gutters, but avoiding this task can send water exactly where you don’t want it. Clear out your gutters so you can rest easy during heavy rains.

#2: Snatch Up A Snake. A drain snake is not just a much greener solution to unclogging a drain than using a chemical solution, it’s also much easier on your pipes. After repeated use, the toxic chemicals used to clear out a clog can damage your pipes, causing leaks. Instead, pick up a relatively affordable drain snake at your hardware store.

#3: Put Thought Into Plant Positioning. If you’re planning to grow large plants or trees in your yard, make sure you plant them far away from any nearby pipes, septic tanks, or sprinkler systems. Otherwise, invasive roots could cause major flooding in the future.

If your home does experience water damage, would your homeowners insurance and other policies offer you the protection you need to reclaim firm financial footing on dry land? To make sure your coverage can protect you against the cost of water damage, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services. Serving Irving and surrounding cities in Texas, we’re here to make sure life’s what-ifs never drain your bank account.

Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

Down The Drain? Preventing Water Damage In Your Home

Did you know your Irving, TX homeowners insurance covers additional living expenses?

You already know that your homeowners insurance will go to bat for your family after a disaster, protecting you against the cost of rebuilding your home and replacing your personal belongings. If you’ve thought through that worst-case scenario, though, you know there’s another expense your family could face: hotel bills.

If a disaster leaves your house unlivable until repairs are completed, you and your family will (obviously) need to find another place to live. If you don’t have a generous family member or friend with enough spare rooms, that means you’ll find yourselves in a hotel. As your recent vacation can attest, hotel bills can quickly add up.

The good news is that you won’t have to be on the hook for covering those costs! Your Irving, TX homeowners insurance contains a type of coverage called additional living expenses which can cover hotel costs while your home is repaired. With this portion of your policy, you never have to worry about the cost of keeping a roof over your family’s head after a disaster.

What’s more, your additional living expenses coverage doesn’t just stop at housing. Your insurer understands that you’ll likely pay more for food without the use of your own kitchen, and will reimburse you for the extra expense that eating out more often brings to your family.

Do you have questions about how your additional living expenses coverage can help you fully safeguard your family’s quality of life? Would you like to learn more about all of the different ways your Texas homeowners insurance policy is protecting you? For extra insight into your policy and what it can do for your family, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services.

Additional Benefit Of Homeowners Insurance: Additional Living Expenses

Additional Benefit Of Homeowners Insurance: Additional Living Expenses