Home Insurance Irving TXReasons You Might Need Homeowners Insurance

If you are in the process of shopping around for home insurance, you are probably asking lots of questions. How much is my stuff worth? Do I need any additional coverage? How, exactly, does it protect me?

If you are like many people, you have secretly asked another question: do I really need it? To help you answer that, here are a few reasons you might actually want home insurance.

  • You Lender Makes You Get It. Well, this reason might not have so much to do with want as need, but it is a great reason to get coverage. In many cases, your lender will not finance your home unless you protect their investment with home insurance.
  • You Have Invested A Lot. Have you ever made a purchase bigger than your home? You can protect all of the equity you have wrapped up in your home with home insurance, ensuring that all of the money you are investing in your home is never swept away.
  • You Have Stuff. On top of the structure itself, there is probably a lot of value collected in all of the belongings you store in it. The great news is your home insurance offers coverage for the stuff you keep in your home (up to your policy limits).
  • You Like Sleep. Stop tossing and turning at night and get peace of mind with home insurance. This policy will help you rest easy knowing that no matter what life brings your home’s way, you will not face a financial difficulty.

Clearly, there are some cases in which home insurance is very important. That is why you should not go to just any insurer to get your coverage. To work with a knowledgeable team who is truly committed to protecting you, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving, Texas. We are here to craft the perfect home insurance policy for your needs.


Home Insurance Irving TX

Does Home Insurance Really Matter?

Jewelry Insurance Carrollton, TXAre Your Precious Gems & Metals Protected?

When you think about your valuables, your jewelry probably comes to mind immediately. In these tiny belongings, immense sentimental and financial value is stored. Consequently, you have probably given some level of thought to what would happen if they were damaged or stolen.

That might have left you wondering if your homeowners insurance coverage can protect your jewelry in the same way it does your other belongings. The answer is yes and no. While your home insurance policy does extend some coverage to your jewelry, it likely has limits on just how much. That means that if you have valuable jewelry, you will need separate or extended coverage to protect it.

Fortunately, you can work with your insurance agent to schedule your individual items of jewelry into your existing homeowners insurance policy. Scheduling items is generally very inexpensive (think $1 or less per every $100 of coverage) and will extend more than just your policy limits. When you schedule an item into your policy, you generally protect it against loss as well as theft. That means that by specifically covering your individual items of jewelry, you protect against not just theft or damages to your home, but also against your own moment of carelessness. We all make mistakes; why not safeguard against them?

Are you leaving your precious jewelry exposed? To get the right protection for your precious gems and metals, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services. We can tailor an insurance product for you that allows you to insure your jewelry with no deductible. Just imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you could replace your wedding ring without an out-of-pocket expense! To learn more about how we can help you rest easy in Irving, across Texas, and beyond, call us today.

Jewelry Insurance Carrollton, TX

Investigating Insurance For Your Jewelry

Boat Insurance Irving TXIs Your Boat Properly Protected?

Since your boat is a part of your personal property, you may assume that it is protected by your homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, that is a common misconception that could leave you sunk financially. Generally, homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies do not cover your liability, possibility of theft, or physical damage.

How, then, do you stay safe out on the water, at the dock, and in tow? To best protect your boat, insurance agencies have created a product specifically for it- boat insurance. Boat insurance is important to carry as a boat owner because it protects you in three definite areas.

  • At Your House: While there is a chance your homeowners insurance will cover your boat while at your home, your boat insurance will offer protection for the other assets on your boat, including your anchor, navigation system, and life jackets.
  • On The Trailer: Although your auto insurance policy may cover the trailer on which you tow your boat, it is important that you talk with your insurance agent to discern if your boat will be covered while it is en route to the water.
  • On The Water: Are you and your passengers protected while out on the open water? So you can have the peace of mind you need to relax on the water, boat insurance can step in. This type of coverage ensures that any physical damage and liability will not become an expense you have to cover.

Fortunately, getting the boat insurance you need to rest easy no matter how the waves (both literal and figurative) buffet is simple. To get the best coverage for your boat, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services. Our team of experts is here to meet all of your Carrollton, Irving, and Stafford coverage needs. For all of your Texas boat insurance questions, call us today!

Boat Insurance Irving TX

Anchoring Your Boat With Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance Carrollton TXHow This Type Of Coverage Can Protect Your Loved Ones

Life insurance is not the most fun thing to think about. After all, thinking about this insurance product requires us to come face-to-face with our own mortality. Do not let that keep you from considering this coverage, though; not carrying life insurance can make life much more difficult for your family after you pass away.

When you are no longer with your family on this earth, they will have to adjust to life without you. That will already be difficult emotionally, so it is important that you do not make it financially challenging for them as well. With a life insurance policy, your family has a cushion to adjust to life without you and your income.

Consider that your passing away can affect your family’s financial future in three ways: 1. They will have to cover the expense of your funeral, 2. They will have to learn to survive without your income, and 3. They will have to figure out how to continue towards their financial goals. Do not leave your family without answers to all of these questions; obtain life insurance today.

When you pay into your life insurance policy, you pay into your family’s quality of life in the future. With this insurance product, you ensure that your family gets to live comfortably even after they can no longer depend on you. Show how much you care for your loved ones by safeguarding them with a life insurance policy.

You have the ability to protect your family beyond your lifespan with life insurance coverage. For this kind of safeguard, contact Global Financial & Insurance Services. We serve Irving, Stafford, and Carrollton and are here to help you get the Texas coverage you need to have peace of mind.

Life Insurance Carrollton TX

The Importance Of Life Insurance

February American Heart MonthHow Will You Celebrate The Month?

Love is certainly in the air this month, and you will likely see more hearts and red and pink candies and cards in the next few weeks than at any other time of year. When you look at the multitude of heart shaped items, let it serve as a reminder to think about the muscular organ in your body inspiring them. February is not just home to Valentine’s Day, it is also American Heart Month.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death among both women and men in the United States. Yet, many people do not know their risk for cardiovascular disease or how to minimize it. To help, here are a few steps you should take.

  • Check your cholesterol and blood pressure. You can check your blood pressure at your pharmacy or doctor’s office. Ensure your doctor checks your cholesterol at least every few years.
  • Work to eat a more healthful, better-balanced diet.
  • Exercise (walking counts!) for at least thirty minutes every day.
  • Quit smoking as soon as possible. If you do not smoke, do not start.
  • Minimize your drinking to two drinks or fewer a day to reduce your blood pressure.
  • Work to manage your weight. Check your body mass index, and if you are not within healthy limits put on or lose weight at a rate that is sustainable and healthy for your body until you reach a healthy weight.

While you work on protecting your body, let the professionals help you get the coverage you need to be protected in other areas of your life. Contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving for all of your Texas life insurance and other insurance needs. Our team of expert agents is available to get you the comprehensive coverage you need for peace of mind this year. Call us today!

February American Heart Month

American Heart Month

Earthquake Insurance Irving TXYour Guide To Earthquake Insurance

You have secured the homeowners insurance you need to protect your hearth and personal property against fires, theft, and other unforeseen unfortunate occurrences. Have you, however, considered getting the coverage you need for other disasters, such as earthquake insurance? If you have not, you may be surprised to learn that earthquake insurance is not included in most homeowners insurance policies, and needs to be secured as an additional rider or as a separate policy.

Earthquake insurance can give you and your family peace of mind knowing you will be able to rebuild from the ground up and replace all of your property should an earthquake wreak havoc on your home. Earthquake insurance policies are different from most policies in that rather than having a flat-rate deductible (e.g. $1,000) their deductibles are based off a percentage of the policy’s limit (e.g. 15 percent).

Secure your policy now because most insurance providers will not offer earthquake insurance for a time after an earthquake. You do not want to be left without coverage in the face of this natural disaster or scrambling for protection after one strikes. Your earthquake insurance may also cover landslides, mudslides, and the settlement, rising, and sinking of the earth. Do not be left in trouble if your home is affected by one of the 20,000 earthquakes or earthquake related disasters the United States experiences each year.

Your family deserves to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what nature brings your way, your quality of life will not be affected in the long term. Contact Global Financial & Insurance Services in Irving for all of your Texas earthquake insurance and other insurance needs. We are here to ensure you have the comprehensive coverage you deserve at the most competitive price.

Earthquake Insurance Irving TX

Earthquake Insurance 101